Santiburi Golf

Santiburi Samui Country Club

Championship golf course Santiburi Samui Country Club on the hillside above Maenam BeachSantiburi Samui Country Club is situated on the hillside above Maenam and is one of Thailands best designed and most challenging golf courses. The country club with its carefully maintained long-winding fairways, greens and tee-offs meets the highest international standards. The ambience is one of magnificent view of the ocean, beaches, neighboring islands and coconut plantations on the hill slopes all around.

The Santiburi Golf course is landscaped into the hillside. The hillside golf course extends from its lowest elevation at 30 meters above sea-level to its highest point at 290 meters.

Santiburi Samui Golf Club is landscaped into the hillside surrounded by coconut plantationsSantiburi Samui Country Club is designed to international golf course standards and fits in harmoniously with the surrounding nature of coconut plantations and rolling hills. It is perhaps the most challenging, most entertaining and most beautiful golf course in southern Thailand.

View from Santiburi Golf over Maenam Bay and northern Koh SamuiThe view from Santiburi Samui Golf and Country Club over Maenam Bay and the northern shore of Koh Samui.

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