There’s a Snake in my Boot!!! – Golfing Koh Samui

Highland golf on Koh SamuiThe stunning and majestic mountainsides of Koh Samui are the home to more than bird-watchers and the often too ambitious hiker. Groomed quite literally by hand, the professional greens and fairways located on the resort golfing paradise of Koh Samui, reach as closely to the heavens as possible within Thailand. At an altitude where you can view the complete shoreline in a 360 degree sweep, the island’s fantastic scenery will without a doubt cause you to experience a little vertigo as you make your first few drives from the tee.

Don’t forget to gather yourself a few extra golf balls as you make your first attempt through any of the courses on Samui. We offer you this advice for two simple reasons. The first is that the fairways are quite a challenge. Samui's fairways are quite a challengeThe other can be summed up by a sign that one of the clubs posts at the entrance.

This is the only drawback to keep in mind when golfing on Samui, and it is not that glaring look from your spouse as you grab your golf clubs yet again to challenge the par of the course that eluded you the weekend before.

It's not that glaring look from your spouse It is this…

“We would like to inform golfers that searching for golf balls in woods, along the rough, or by the deep slope could risk encounters with dangerous animals, e.g. venomous snakes, poisonous insects or wild lizards.”

Remember extra balls!Carry a few extra golf balls

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  1. Not the best golfer in the world
    I’m not the best golfer in the world, and I do hit a lot of balls into the rough. Are you saying that it’s dangerous to go into the rough for your balls?

    • Not to worry. Well… to be honest with you, going into the rough is mostly impossible at times, as the cliffs or thickets are so dense that you physically can’t even if you wanted to. But not to worry. For the majority of the courses on Samui it is mandatory to have a caddy. These skilled men and women will retrieve your lost balls for you… if it is possible. The sign is a warning for those enthusiasts who go tromping through the woods not realizing where in the world they are. This is Asia… and snakes live here too!

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