The Mosquito, Golf & You

While you’re out swatting at golf balls into the majestic hills of Koh Samui, you will be intercepted along the way by the beer girls, but not to worry, they don’t bite.  Golf beer girlBut what does is the Asian mixology of mosquitoes. It’s important to remember that the mosquito is often a carrier of diseases, such as malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, dengue fever, dog heartworm, Mosquito biteWest Nile virus, and many others. The females, who drink blood, can carry disease from one person /animal to another as they feed.

So you can bring out the super chemicals to poison not only the mosquitoes while you’re enjoying a health game of Golf, but yourself, or you can try a group of natural repellents easily found and even manufactured on Koh Samui.
Natural mosquito repellents: lemongrass, gralic, mint

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  1. Cha Weng says:

    Cha Weng: Natural repellents have problems
    I have heard many things about natural repellents for mosquitoes. They don’t work for long, they can stain your clothing, cause itching and so on.

    • Coconut Samui Villas advise how to make your own repellents.
      Yes, this is true. The same can be said for many chemical repellents as well. Here is a list of some natural repellents to try and some advice on how to make them last while you’re out on the Golf Course.

      Natural Repellents

      Carrier olive oil for home made natural repellents It’s very easy to make your own natural mosquito repellent and effective, just mix some of these oils with a carrier oil, to make your own repellent. Remember to do a skin test first though, in case of allergies.

      • Citronella Oil
      • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
      • Cinnamon Oil
      • Castor Oil
      • Rosemary Oil
      • Lemongrass Oil
      • Cedar Oil
      • Peppermint Oil
      • Clove Oil
      • Geranium Oil
      • Eat more garlic, you will sweat this out through your skin and it then in turn repels mosquitoes!

      Things that Lower Repellent Effectiveness

      • Many Sunscreens
      • Dilution from Rain, Perspiration, or Swimming
      • Absorption into the Skin
      • Evaporation from Wind or High Temperatures

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