Mini Golf Koh Samui

Young and old enjoy mini golf To date there are 3 Mini-Golf facilities on this wonderfully engaging holiday resort island located in the Gulf of Thailand. If you are looking to take a break from the heat and long legs of the professional courses, and looking for some slightly different challenges with your putting skills, then get in the nearest Songteow or Taxi an make your way over to one of these Mini-Golf courses.

Mini Golf International is a member of the World Mini Golf Federation, and offers professional Twelve meter concrete tracks for tournamentsmini golf courses for both beginners as well as for advanced players, located in Ban Plai Laem of Choeng Mon on the northeast end of Koh Samui.

Treasure Groupf of mini golf players on Koh SamuiIsland Mini Golf  offers miniature golf adventure right within the heart of Chaweng, only 20 metres from the Beach Road with the island’s famous Mexican restaurant Gringo’s.

The Seaview Mini-Golf Entertainment Park opened in 2009, and offers competition between friends and family or against other professionals alike. Mini golf park at Arayaburi Boutique Resort koh SamuiThis resort owned course is located at the Arayaburi Boutique Resort.

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  1. What other sort of entertainment can we find on Koh Samui for our children? Apart from the pubs, and beach activities, there seems to be very little available. Is this a travel destination island for families?

    • The island is in fact very family oriented, and although it appears that the nightlife is the main focus at times, there are such a wide variety of activities for children and young families at every turn that your children will act as if in Disneyland. The Thai culture is very youth oriented, and Thai people are very fond of babies and toddlers. Don’t be surprised if they take your baby right out of your arms for a while and babysit nearby you so you can enjoy your meal. Thai men in particular are lovers of babies.
      With this in mind, the beaches are packed with toys, the hotels with games, and the tour operators have family packages galore! If your child finds boredom on Koh Samui then they are spending too much time with their Gameboy.

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